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  1. Red Lion PXU - PID RS-485 Controller

    Dual Relay Alarms
    Main Control Output - 4 to 20mA
    Secondary Control Output – Relay
    2 Programmable Function Buttons & User Inputs
    Accepts 0-10 V, 0/4-20 mA or 0-50 mV Signals
    Accepts TC and RTD
    24 VDC Power Input
    1/4 DIN Size
    Controllers Meet IP65 Requirements

  2. Red Lion Analog to Frequency Converter Module

    Model AFCM0000

    Voltage/Current to Frequency Converter
    Ultra Slim Design – Only 0.244" Wide
    3-way Isolation of Input and Output Signals
    Universal Conversion Module - Inputs and Outputs Selected via DIP Switch Settings
    19 to 30 VDC Power
  3. CSMSTRLE, Modular Controller Series

    Red Lion Product Specifications:
    Independent Serial Ports
    Extensive Built-in Driver
    2 RS-232 Serial Ports
    1 RS-422/485 Serial Port
    10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet Port
    Supports up to 16 Modular Controller Series Modules
    Converts up to 15 Protocols Simultaneously
  4. Red Lion Analog to Frequency Converter Module

    Voltage/Current to Frequency Converter
    3-way Isolation of Input and Output Signals
    Ultra Slim Design – Only 0.244" Wide
    Universal Conversion Module - Inputs and Outputs Selected via DIP Switch Settings
    19 to 30 VDC Power

  5. PAX2D® Dual Counter and Dual Rate Meter with Math Functions

    Red Lion Product Specifications:
    Rate up to 160/Second
    Setpoint and Analog Outputs (W/Option Card)
    Communications: R232, RS-485, DeviceNet and Profibus (W/Option Card)
    Universal Power Supply: 50 to 250 VAC or 21.6 to 250 VDC
    6/9 Digit Dual Line/Color Display with 0.7" and 0.35" digits
    Built-in Modbus Communications

  6. Red Lion’s PAX® Dual Counter, Green Display, AC Powered

    Red Lion Product Specifications:
    1/8 DIN (50 mm x 97 mm)
    6 Digit, 0.56" (14.2 mm) Display
    Four Setpoint Alarm Outputs
    Up to 3 Count Displays
    Green LED Display
    Programmable Scale Factors
    Programmable Function Keys/User inputs
    NEMA 4X/IP65

  7. Versatile Control Options with Red Lion Cub5

    Panel meters have become standard for a wide range of applications.  Many companies are seeking smaller meters that offer and versatile control options and advanced capabilities. To meet this demand, panel meters for applications such as temperature indication and On/Off control are now available in 1/32 or 1/16 DIN‐rail packages from Red Lion. However, while the overall height and width dimensions meet application requirements, the smaller display is not always easy to read—even at a nominal distance. This is why a larger 1/8 DIN package may prove more optimal for control applications.
    In order to meet the control requirements and display coupled with size and cost restrictions, more versatile panel meters are now available. The Red Lion CUB5 series delivers a flexible display and control solution in a package that is 30 percent smaller and 50 percent more affordable than 1/8 DIN panel meters.
    Red Lion CUB5 panel meters feature easy‐to‐read .46" (11.7 mm) LCD displays, available in reflective or backlight options. While the height is comparable to most 1/8 DIN meters, the 2.95" (79 mm) x 1.95" (39 mm) package is less than 1.75" (44 mm) deep. By making efficient use of panel real estate, this package requires less depth for enclosures to offer cost savings and organizations space savings too. Plus, the Red Lion CUB5 offers many of the 1/8 DIN panel meter features at a lower price. These include selectable inputs, display scaling and a NEMA4X/IP65 sealed front panel.
    Featuring a single and dual setpoint output, Red Lion UB5 meters allow organizations to cost‐effectively address control applications such as measuring DC current and voltage, processing signals from flow meters, pressure sensors and positioning sensors as well as accepting inputs from RTD and Thermocouple sensors. In addition, plug‐in option cards are field installable to ease deployment. For example, a relay module featuring a Form C relay capable of switching up to 1 amp and a dual NPN‐OC transistor module can be used to add output capabilities. Plus, along with the setpoints, CUB5 meters feature RS-232 or RS-485 communications are available for data send and receipt.
    The versatile capabilities, low cost and efficient use of space make the CUB5 panel meter an ideal solution for a wide variety of local display and control system applications. For more information, please visit www.Panelmetersonline.net.
  8. Red Lion Repeats for 16th Year as
    Top Panel Meter Provider in Control Design Awards

    Flexible Panel Meters Accommodate Wide Range of Applications,
    Among Most Comprehensive in Industry

    Control Design 2016
    York, Pa. – June 13, 2016

    Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced the company has captured the top panel meter slot for the 16th consecutive year in the 2016 Control DesignReaders' Choice Awards. In addition to naming Red Lion the leading provider of panel meters in the industry, the publication’s readers also placed Red Lion in the top five for the following categories: wired network components; network routers and switches; and network protocol converters, bridges and adapters.
    “Winners from the 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards were elected to the top spot once again this year in more than 75 percent of the product categories,” said Mike Bacidore, editor in chief of Control Design. “Our readers have spoken, making it clear that Red Lion is a valuable partner and supplier for a variety of automation technology.”
    Bacidore added that machine builders are sticking with what works, made clearly evident by Red Lion once again being named the top choice for panel meters.
    “Such customer reception for our industrial automation and networking products is truly gratifying,” said Mike Granby, President, Red Lion Controls. “As a ‘Customer First’ driven organization with over forty years of history, we strive to provide performance and reliability that our end users have come to rely on. This award is a true testament to our achievement of that goal.”
    Control Design invited more than 22,000 individuals who indicated they have buying authority or influence at their organizations to access the confidential ballot. The voting is unaided, which means no list of suppliers is included for guidance or assistance; it’s a ballot of the machine builders, by the machine builders and for the machine builders. Each participant was asked to indicate the first, second and third preference in more than sixty product categories, which were grouped as Control, Hardware, Motion, Networking, Safety, Sensing and Software. The votes of suppliers are not knowingly counted in the tabulations.
    With more than 4.5 million panel meters sold since the company’s inception, Red Lion’s range of digital and analog meters is the most comprehensive in the industry. Red Lion panel meters easily accommodate a wide range of applications through varying models, inputs, sizes and other capabilities. From compact CUB indicators to versatile PAX2 process meters, Red Lion provides flexibility that allows customers to seamlessly add or change capabilities with plug-and-play field installable option cards. For more information, visit www.redliononline.net


    Almost every company struggles with connectivity issues.
    Whether it’s the PLC,the servo, the barcode scanner or the sensor with a serial output, something will communicate with a protocol that differs from the rest of the components in the system.
    The Data Station Plus’ protocol converter solves these connectivity problems.

    Almost all of everyone is trying to improve productivity. To do this, data will need to be gathered, stored and analyzed.
    While many SCADA systems can perform this function, the cost and complexity proves prohibitive for many applications.
    The Data Station Plus’ data logger not only collects the required data, it provides it in a format that’s ready to use by any IT department.

    Many companies, particularly machine builders, are  interested in lowering  support costs.
    Having the ability to know what a process or machine is doing, and being able to control or modify that system from remote locations saves time and travel costs.
    The Data Station Plus’ virtual HMI and Ethernet gateway  provides advanced remote support capability to any machine.

    In short, the Data Station Plus provides the functionality of a powerful protocol converter, a data logger, a virtual HMI and an Ethernet gateway all in one package.
    Almost every machine builder and end user alike stands to benefit  from its features. 

    How  you  use it to your company's depends on individual requirements.

  10. Red Lion’s Graphite® advanced operator panels.
    Red Lion provides the industry's first HMI touchscreens to combine a rugged yet aesthetically-pleasing all-aluminum construction with a modular I/O architecture are Red Lion’s Graphite® advanced operator panels. With UL Class 1, Division 2, ABS, ATEX and IECEx approvals, Graphite enables customers to connect, monitor and control processes in harsh environments. All of the Graphite models offer drag-and-drop protocol conversion, data logging and web-based monitoring and control.

    Expansion Modules:
    Graphite is the industry’s most rugged HMI to offer the versatility of plug-in expansion modules. Expansion modules can be installed on-site and allows the Graphite to be customized to any application. Available modules include dedicated PID controllers, digital I/O, analog I/O, high-density thermocouple, RTD, strain gage, as well as a fully-isolated universal analog input module. Mix and match modules to meet your application needs.
    Rugged and Sleek:
    Graphite HMIs feature reliable, resistive analog touchscreens and a rugged aluminum housing that allow them to operate in high shock, vibration and temperature applications. Standard and widescreen models are available in sizes ranging from 7 inch to 15 inch. Both the 7 inch and 10 inch models are available with UV-resistant, sunlight-visible displays for outdoor use.
    They can manage multiple-vendor applications and provide the ability to network-enable existing equipment. Communicating with over 300 different protocols. Select the PLCs, drives, motion controllers or PID controllers that work best with your application, and control them all from one Red Lion Graphite HMI. Graphite HMIs are the most powerful HMI communication platform available today
    Graphite comes standard with one USB Device and two USB Host ports, one 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet port, two RS-232 and one RS-422/485 serial ports. Additional RS-422/485 and or Ethernet ports are available on specific models.
    Remote Control and Monitoring: With its built-in web server, remote personnel can monitor as well as control equipment from virtually any networked device. The Graphite excels at keeping personnel informed of machine and process performance and can also alert personnel about existing or pending issues via email or SMS text messages to ensure problems are addressed quickly in order to minimize downtime.
    Graphite HMIs, with its built-in data logger, offer a powerful means for recording continuous data as well as events and alarms. Data can be acquired via any connected devices and compiled into CSV-formatted files. Then it can be stored, displayed, emailed or automatically synchronized with an Microsoft SQL or FTP server.
    Crimson Software:
    Included with each Graphite HMI is Red Lion’s powerful Crimson® 3.0 software.  It is a remarkable programming platform that unlocks the power of Graphite with simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click configuration. It is unlike competitive HMIs that charge you extra for cumbersome software, as Red Lion’s Crimson software is always free & regularly updates.
  11. Red Lion's ProducTVity Station is a ready-to-deploy plant floor visual management system that displays real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data and Andon messages on large televisions to drive efficiency. Using a built-in library of over 300 industrial protocols, the ProducTVity Station can connect to almost any plant floor equipment to help improve process improvement. Easily configured with Crimson® 3.0 software in just minutes, the ProducTVity Station can deliver unmatched visibility into process and equipment performance in manufacturing environmentsr
  12. Product Spotlight: Graphite® HMIs

    Red Lion’s Graphite® advanced operator panels are the industry's first HMI touchscreens to combine a rugged yet aesthetically-pleasing all-aluminum construction with a modular I/O architecture. All of the Graphite models offer drag-and-drop protocol conversion, data logging and web-based monitoring and control. With UL Class 1, Division 2, ABS, ATEX and IECEx approvals, Graphite enables customers to connect, monitor and control processes in harsh environments.

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