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Almost every company struggles with connectivity issues.
Whether it’s the PLC,the servo, the barcode scanner or the sensor with a serial output, something will communicate with a protocol that differs from the rest of the components in the system.
The Data Station Plus’ protocol converter solves these connectivity problems.

Almost all of everyone is trying to improve productivity. To do this, data will need to be gathered, stored and analyzed.
While many SCADA systems can perform this function, the cost and complexity proves prohibitive for many applications.
The Data Station Plus’ data logger not only collects the required data, it provides it in a format that’s ready to use by any IT department.

Many companies, particularly machine builders, are  interested in lowering  support costs.
Having the ability to know what a process or machine is doing, and being able to control or modify that system from remote locations saves time and travel costs.
The Data Station Plus’ virtual HMI and Ethernet gateway  provides advanced remote support capability to any machine.

In short, the Data Station Plus provides the functionality of a powerful protocol converter, a data logger, a virtual HMI and an Ethernet gateway all in one package.
Almost every machine builder and end user alike stands to benefit  from its features. 

How  you  use it to your company's depends on individual requirements.

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