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Modular Controller Series HMI PLC Combination | User Friendly HMI Interface

What Red Lion offers

Effective Interface Solutions, Quality Products

Red Lion offers a cost effective solution to integrating Multi-zone PID control, data acquisition and I/O into your PC, DCS or PLC control system. You can drag and drop controller data to PLC registers in seconds Using point-and-click data mapping from an extensive menu of built-in serial and Ethernet drivers. No tedious PLC code to write. Instantly Ethernet-enable your PLC for free! Not only are programming costs slashed, You can eliminate costly add-on I/O and analog cards and Solve applications simply using an inexpensive brick PLC. The high-density DIN rail design saves panel space and eliminates cutouts. All modules can be hot-swapped -- the master automatically programs a replaced module.

What is an HMI?

Red Lion HMI PLC Combination

An HMI Interface, or Human Machine Interface, is a critical component of any HMI PLC combination communications capable devices. At Red Lion, we want to make sure that you have the highest quality HMI and PLC interface as possible, And at the best price. That’s why we have the largest variety of products for a HMI interface of HMI systems on the internet. Red Lion’s G3 operator human machine interface panels give you complete functionality for PLC's, Motor drives, and other communications-capable devices. With Ethernet as a standard on all G3 models, You can network-enable any serial devices connected to the panel.

Red Lion Human Machine Interface (HMI)

In addition to the full featured G3 series of HMI systems, also offers economical G3 Kadet operator panels. These support your HMI by providing less demanding applications, Message centers, slave displays, and large digit displays in a variety of configurations and combinations. We offer you a combination of products to ensure that Your HMI has everything you need for it to function at its optimum efficiency. Red Lion has many different products available for purchase, Including the actual Operator Interface, Data Station Plus, LD Large Displays, And other HMI systems. You also have the option of buying an HMI with PLC interface capabilities in one package. There is the G3 Kadet Series Combination as well as the G3 Panel Series HMI and PLC Combination. Both are excellent products, so choose based on your specific needs. Going with HIM for PC combinations saves you the hassle of Searching for all of your HMI systems products and accessories separately.

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