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Versatile Control Options with Red Lion Cub5

Panel meters have become standard for a wide range of applications.  Many companies are seeking smaller meters that offer and versatile control options and advanced capabilities. To meet this demand, panel meters for applications such as temperature indication and On/Off control are now available in 1/32 or 1/16 DIN‐rail packages from Red Lion. However, while the overall height and width dimensions meet application requirements, the smaller display is not always easy to read—even at a nominal distance. This is why a larger 1/8 DIN package may prove more optimal for control applications.
In order to meet the control requirements and display coupled with size and cost restrictions, more versatile panel meters are now available. The Red Lion CUB5 series delivers a flexible display and control solution in a package that is 30 percent smaller and 50 percent more affordable than 1/8 DIN panel meters.
Red Lion CUB5 panel meters feature easy‐to‐read .46" (11.7 mm) LCD displays, available in reflective or backlight options. While the height is comparable to most 1/8 DIN meters, the 2.95" (79 mm) x 1.95" (39 mm) package is less than 1.75" (44 mm) deep. By making efficient use of panel real estate, this package requires less depth for enclosures to offer cost savings and organizations space savings too. Plus, the Red Lion CUB5 offers many of the 1/8 DIN panel meter features at a lower price. These include selectable inputs, display scaling and a NEMA4X/IP65 sealed front panel.
Featuring a single and dual setpoint output, Red Lion UB5 meters allow organizations to cost‐effectively address control applications such as measuring DC current and voltage, processing signals from flow meters, pressure sensors and positioning sensors as well as accepting inputs from RTD and Thermocouple sensors. In addition, plug‐in option cards are field installable to ease deployment. For example, a relay module featuring a Form C relay capable of switching up to 1 amp and a dual NPN‐OC transistor module can be used to add output capabilities. Plus, along with the setpoints, CUB5 meters feature RS-232 or RS-485 communications are available for data send and receipt.
The versatile capabilities, low cost and efficient use of space make the CUB5 panel meter an ideal solution for a wide variety of local display and control system applications. For more information, please visit www.Panelmetersonline.net.
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