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GEMINI 33 Batch Meters Red Lion GEMINI 33 Batch Meters
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The Gemini 3300 is a two input, microprocessor-based Batch Counter with two Process Presets,

a Batch Preset, and corresponding outputs. The 6-digit display features 0.56" LEDs with negative sign, overflow, display mode, and Process output indicators.

Flexibility and usefulness are provided through user programmability. With simple front panel keystrokes and rear panel switch settings, any one of a number of configurations can be selected. Once the selection is made, all or part of the keyboard can be disabled to protect the settings and guarantee that no unwanted changes occur during the measurements.

Each time the power is turned off, the unit automatically saves the settings and data in its special no power memory. When power is restored, the Gemini sets itself back to the operational modes and restores the data it had at power-down. The "no power" E2PROM’s life expectancy is at least 100,000 cycles of power being applied to and removed from the unit. Whenever the power comes on, the Gemini 3300 performs a series of internal diagnostics to verify the integrity of the stored data. There is also a self-test mode and a "watchdog" timer to help prevent processor lockup. The relays are mounted on a plug-in board which makes it easy to field upgrade the Gemini 3300. The contacts are rated for 240 VAC or 28 VDC at 5 amps.

The Gemini 3300 can accept uni-directional, bi-directional, or quadrature signals. It also has the capability to double or quadruple (Quadrature x4) the resolution of the incoming count signal. There are also modes available for anti-coincidence applications. Both channels of count information are monitored simultaneously, no counts are lost, and the final output can be chosen as the sum or difference of the two input channels.

The construction of the GEMINI 3300 features a metal die-cast bezel offering maximum durability with a high quality appearance. The sealed front panel bezel meets NEMA 4/IP65 specifications for wash-down and/or dust when properly installed. Electrical connections are made via plug-in terminal strips. Clamp-type pressure plate terminals accept stripped #14 AWG wire without lugs.