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DIN Rail/Multizone CSMSTRV2 Modular Controller Master with Comms and Ethernet Red Lion DIN Rail/Multizone CSMSTRV2 Modular Controller Master with Comms and Ethernet
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The Model CSMSTRV2 is a communications and control platform designed for use with Modular Controller Series slave modules. The CSMSTRV2 uses a proprietary high speed serial protocol to communicate, via backplane connection, with up to 16 slave modules. Through the same connection, the Master also provides power to the modules. When powered up, the CSMSTRV2 automatically identifies and addresses connected slave modules. By storing the configuration information of all of the modules, the CSMSTRV2 is able to automatically configure modules if they are replaced.

The Master provides high-speed RS232/422/485 communication ports and an Ethernet port for connection to PCs, PLCs, and SCADA systems. An extensive list of master and slave protocol drivers are available to allow the CSMSTRV2 to share and exchange variable data with external devices. The 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet port can also be used to connect and share data with other devices at high speeds.

The CSMSTRV2 was designed as a direct replacement for the original CSMSTRSE. This new model provides benefits such as support via Crimson 2.0 software, which allows configuration files to be uploaded. To save programming time, files originally created in Crimson 1.0 (.cdb files) may be imported into Crimson 2.0.

The design of the Modular Controller Series high density packaging and DIN rail mounting saves time and panel space. The controller snaps easily onto standard top hat (T) profile DIN rail.

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