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PFM Plant Floor Marquee Red Lion PFM Plant Floor Marquee
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Large Graphic Displays

Tri-color Display Provides Instant Notice of Important Information

Displays Information From Any G3 HMI, And SX/GT Models of the Data Station and Modular Controller

Graphical Design Allows Bargraphs, Custom Symbols and Graphics

Four Sizes for a Wide Range of Applications

PFM1608 - resolution: 80 x 16 dimensions: 26" x 6.6"

PFM2412 - resolution: 120 x 24 dimensions: 38.5" x 8.8"

PFM3212 - resolution: 120 x 32 dimensions: 38.8" x 10.9"

PFM6412 - resolution: 120 x 64 dimensions: 39.3" x 22.5"

RS-485 Port Supports Multidrop

AC Powered (110 or 220 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz)

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