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CT Current TransformersCT Current TransformersRed Lion CT Current Transformers LS Length SensorsLS Length SensorsRed Lion LS Length Sensors MP Magnetic Pickups SensorsMP Magnetic Pickups SensorsRed Lion MP Magnetic Pickups Sensors Motors and Gear SensorsMotors and Gear SensorsRed Lion Motors and Gear Sensors Photo Electric SensorsPhoto Electric SensorsRed Lion Photo Electric Sensors
Pressure TransmittersPressure TransmittersRed Lion Pressure Transmitters Proximity SensorsProximity SensorsRed Lion Proximity Sensors Shaft EncodersShaft EncodersRed Lion Shaft Encoders Thru-Bore EncodersThru-Bore EncodersRed Lion Thru-Bore Encoders Temperature SensorsTemperature SensorsTemperature Sensors

Red Lion Sensors

Encoders, Magnetic Pick-ups, Proximity, Photo Electric, Rotary Pulse Generators, and Length Sensors

Complete your application with our extensive line of sensors

From magnetic pick-ups to a wide range of encoders and length sensors,

Contact or non-contact sensing

Red Lion has a sensor to meet your requirements.

Please note we've restructured and renamed our encoder part numbers.

If you need to find a new part number for an older model number,

Please contact us at 800-849-5655 or use this form

We offer shipping throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

Request a quotation or call our office at 804-560-0655